New York Times "Linda Hill has a rag-doll face and the manner of an ingenuous Martha Raye or Carol Burnett as she dissects contemporary life and love.   Goofy and warmly engaging, she is a skillful parodist of female body language and fashion and has found a rich reservoir of fun in the romance novels and women's magazines."


New York Post "And don't miss Linda Hill's Miss Angel Drake, a post modern Sophie Tucker in white leather, crooning, 'One Monkey Don't Stop No Show'."


San Francisco Examiner "Taking on the personae of, in turn, her older brother, father and mother, Hill acted out a sly bit of family intrigue.   In process, she carved meaty slices of family life and peeled verbal snapshots of her small-time hometown.   It was a well-constructed miniature."


San Francisco Chronicle "She not only impersonates but becomes her characters.   Hill ventures into territory that she inhabits with few other comedians."


PAPER Magazine "Don't miss this multi-talented character comedian. . ."


West Coast Arts "A coloring book of wonderful monologues and songs by one of the finest character comedienne's working today.   These characters are superbly drawn by a woman with the eye of Norman Rockwell and the wit of Elaine May"


North Coast News "They brought a full acting company with dancers, singers, a burlesque queen-even a performance poet-and they were ALL Linda Hill.   The lady is possessed of more energy ad talent than we have seen on one stage in a very long time."