She could certainly use one of those road signs that she's seen during her many years on the road that says Dangerous Curves Ahead. Her voice is smoky and whiskey soaked while her eyes can cut a blue laser right through your soul.

Imagine my surprise when I found this icon of blue-eyed soul singing at the Brass Ass in Newport, Kentucky in between the strip acts. As I approached her at the bar I was nervous as a teenaged schoolgirl. I had been a fan since I first heard her on my little transistor radio alone in my room singing along with her first group, The Angels, and their hit, "My Boyfriend's Back".  

I also knew that her scandalous affair with a Senator at that time had led to her dismissal from the very group that she had formed.   Would she speak to me, a musical nobody?   After all the people she's met and the experiences she's had might read like a who's who from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, while her blues pedigree could give BB King a run for the money.

Though I was prepared for rejection, Miss Drake looked up at me through the longest pair of eyelashes I had ever seen, smiled and said, "Buy me a 7&7-that's my lucky drink-and I'll tell you anything you want to know honey."   As the evening wore on I was spellbound by her stories of love, loss and turmoil that have made her the incredible entertainer and legend that she is today.

I brought her to San Francisco and let her stay in my house as my guest until she hit on my boyfriend and ran up such a huge telephone bill, (how many people can talk on the phone for hours to Tokyo, Norway, Tibet and Bakersfield, CA all in one day?) until I was forced to ask her to leave. It was then that she started trash talking me on the Alex Bennett Radio Show which led to the beginning of the whole feud that had all the newspapers calling me about the southern singer who was running me down on morning radio.

When we found each other one rainy afternoon in a smoky East Village Cabaret , we finally kissed and made up. Miss Drake is just not a person that you want to ignore or whom you can ignore. She is too charismatic and seductive, no matter what gender one is and so I will let her tell her own story here on my website, in regular installments of her unauthorized autobiography, Portrait of A Sinner, and I trust you will become as enthralled with her as myself and her many fans have become. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Miss Angel Drake.

Portrait of A Sinner

By Miss Angel Drake

"I've been so many places in my life and time, I've sung a lot of songs, I've made some bad rhyme

I've acted out my love in stages with ten thousand people watching, But we're alone now and

I'm singing this song to you" - Leon Russell

   People always ask me, what is it like to be Miss Angel Drake? Often it means having a yacht or a wine named after you by some ardent admirer. Although I didn't appreciate the lover who named his company's toilet paper Angel Soft for the softness of my skin, but you also cannot restrict how someone shows their love.   It has sometimes also meant being alone, wondering and wandering full of pain and hurt until life swings back to the lighter side once more. I've sang for kings, queens and lawyers all over the world and I will share it all with you, this roller coaster ride called life. Just hang on sideways and enjoy the journey because I am the destination baby.